Since 2012, AMIC has been leading the South-East Asia region in terms of sustainable aviation through its bio-jet fuel and bio-materials initiatives. AMIC’s engagements in sustainable aviation causes are mainly due to its activities being inline with AIRBUS’s global activities on Sustainable Aviation, as a means to catalyse the industry’s pledge to reduce its climate impact.

Harnessing the expertise found in Malaysia, AMIC looks into various aspects covering renewable energy sources such as aviation fuel production from sustainable feedstock, transforming waste to fuel and bio-sourcing of sustainable bio-composite materials for prospective production of aviation grade components. These initiatives are driven through sustainability goals taking into account social effects and new economic driver creation to benefit the industry’s wish to be more responsible.

Sustainability projects also creates new potential of national income (Gross National Income) sources in the future, and develop Malaysia’s capabilities in sustainability research and technology development. AMIC’s reach on its sustainable aviation activities spans across the South East Asia region.