Robotic Spray Development and Manufacturing


Aerospace-grade painting tasks require great precision to avoid surface defects

Prolonged spray painting task by human painters causes fatigues which consequently affects the precision and cause increased amount of defects such as under/over thickness, orange peel, pin and run

Using a collaborative robot which has a repeatability of 0.01mm would be able to provide consistent paint quality on aerospace products


  • Delivers products with consistent paint quality
  • No skilled painter needeed during painting process
  • Require only minimal assistance from an operator
  • Objectives

  • To develop a robotic spray painter system for aerospace manufacturing facility
  • To design flexible input/output(I/O) system to synchronize with other components
  • Project Details

  • First ever collaborative robot to be used in Spirit's shop floor that support IR4.0 aspects
  • Expected to reduce cost of painting LE and TE panel by RM 121K by minimizing defects
  • Project ROI is expected to be achieved within 20 months