Training of The Future (TOF) is a new domain of AMIC introduced in 2017. Nowadays, in the era of where employees use technology in every aspect of their day has led to all kinds of possibilities in training and development. It is predicted that with the implementation of industrial revolutions 4.0 (IR4.0),

manufacturing routine activities will be entirely or partly taken over machines which means lesser job for entry-level, meanwhile skilled and specialist jobs may remain. It is important to impart appropriate education and training to the future workforce since IR4.0 demand changes in business models and employment trends.

Therefore, the need to identify which areas machines and humans are best suited for their respective operation and well being, and ensuring these job values are empowered today through effective training, and applied industrial knowledge. ToF not only readies the workforce of tomorrow with technology, but also to prepare the workforce for technological convergence at the workplace.